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You Have to F**king Eat

It’s finally here: You Have to F**king Eat, the much-anticipated sequel to the international best seller Go the F**k to Sleep, is in stores now — a perfect gift book just in time for the holiday season!

Listen to Adam Mansbach's interview on CBC Q

A Book of Miracles

Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love

A Toronto Star bestseller!

“A call to take an evolutionary leap not through some kind of automatic unfoldment but by using conscious choice. Love, intelligence, and creativity are seeds waiting to be touched and awakened.”
— Deepak Chopra, from the foreword


Easy Street (the Hard Way)

"Easy Street is one part odyssey of an artist, one part handbook for manhood, and one part love letter to acting that chronicles the struggle through the gauntlet of a life steered by creativity. If you don't like this book, you don't like ice cream."—Ryan Gosling

Agent Storm

My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA

"if the revelations in Agent Storm, are true, he [Morten Storm] is not only this decade’s most intriguing informant: he could also be the most important." —The Toronto Star

A gripping memoir from a western convert who penetrated the core of al Qaeda, turned double agent, and helped bring down some of the most-wanted terrorists in the world.

The Conscious Parent

Transforming Ourselves, Empowering our Children

As seen on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and Lifeclass! Watch here

"Shefali Tsabary's invaluble book shows how the challenges of parenting can become a great opportunity for spiritual awakening. Becoming a fully conscious parent is the greatst gift you can give your child." --Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now


You Have to F**king Eat Cover

You Have to F**king Eat

Adam Mansbach

A Book of Miracles Cover

A Book of Miracles

Bernie S. Siegel

Easy Street (the Hard Way) Cover

Easy Street (the Hard Way)

Ron Perlman

Agent Storm Cover

Agent Storm

Morten Storm

The Conscious Parent Cover

The Conscious Parent

Shefali Tsabary PhD

C. Montgomery Burns’ Handbook of World Domination

by Matt Groening

Does power corrupt? Absolutely! Does the hunger and lust for absolute power course through your icy blue veins? Do you feel the need to rule the world with an iron... more

Lessons In Balance

by A Dog's Reflections on Life

Based on the Tumblr page, Stuff on Scout’s Head, Lessons in Balance showcases Scout and his unique talent for balancing anything on his head. Scout has an uncanny... more

Indian for Everyone

by Anupy Singla

Indian for Everyone is the go-to Indian cookbook that every home cook should own. This is Anupy Singla's most comprehensive cookbook yet, with more than 100 classic recipes, including many... more


by Kathryn Otoshi

TWO was a playful number. She was curved on the top, straight on the bottom, and friendly and warm like the sun. Her favorite friend was ONE. Whenever they'd... more

Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter

by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby
Illustrated by Tiernen Trevallion

'Burns was loved as a lyricist, farmer and even as a ladies' man. Now prepare to meet Burns, scourge of all evil and witch hunter in training!' Robbie Burns is... more

Take Away the A

by Michaël Escoffier
Illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo

This ALPHABEAST of an alphabet book makes for entertaining, mentally engaging wordplay fun! It's also a visual beast feast! Take Away the A is a fun and imaginative romp... more