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Need You Dead

"Peter James has penetrated the inner workings of police procedures, and the inner thoughts and attitudes of real detectives, as no English crime writer before him. His hero, Roy Grace, may not be the most lively cop, nor the most damaged by drink, weight or misery, but he's one of the most believable"  —The Times

"Peter James is one of the best crime writers in the business" —Karin Slaughter, author of Pretty Girls

Who I Am

Listen to Charlotte Rampling’s feature interview on CBC q

Stephen Florida

“Habash writes about the raw physicality of wrestling better than anybody this side of John Irving. . . . A lively, occasionally harrowing journey into obsession.”—Kirkus

“A striking, original, and coarsely poetic portrayal of a young man’s athletic and emotional quest.”—Publishers Weekly, boxed and starred review

Hue 1968

A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam

“One of the best books on a single action in Vietnam, written by a tough, seasoned journalist who brings the events of a half-century past into sharp relief.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“An epic masterpiece of heroism and sacrifice, and a testament to the tragic futility of the American experience in Vietnam.”—Booklist (starred review)

The Retreat of Western Liberalism

“Read this book: In the three hours it takes you will get a new, bracing, and brilliant understanding of the dangers we in the democratic West now face. Luce is one of the smartest journalists working today, and his perceptions are priceless.”—Jane Mayer, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Dark Money

Need You Dead Cover

Need You Dead

Peter James

Who I Am Cover

Who I Am

Charlotte Rampling, with Christophe Bataille

Stephen Florida Cover

Stephen Florida

Gabe Habash

Hue 1968 Cover

Hue 1968

Mark Bowden

The Retreat of Western Liberalism Cover

The Retreat of Western Liberalism

Edward Luce


by Igiaba Scego
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