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Open Me Cover

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Grove Press/Atlantic Monthly Press
ISBN-13: 9780802128072
Price: $$37.50

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Open Me

Roxana Olsen has always dreamed of going to Paris, and after high school graduation finally plans to travel there on a study abroad program - a welcome reprieve from the bruising fallout of her parents' divorce. But a logistical mix-up brings Roxana to Copenhagen instead, where she's picked up at the airport by Soren, a twenty-eight year old guide who is meant to be her steward. Instantly drawn to one another, Roxana and Soren's relationship turns romantic, and when he asks Roxana to accompany him to a small coastal town for the rest of the summer, she doesn't hesitate to accept. There, Roxana's world narrows and expands as she experiences fantasy, ritual, and the pleasures of her body, a thrilling realm of erotic and domestic bliss. Seduced by this newfound connection, Roxana doesn't object when Soren requests that she spend her days alone in the apartment while he goes to the library to work.

As their relationship deepens, Soren's temperament darkens, and Roxana finds herself increasingly drawn to a local outsider, Zlatan, whom she learns is a Muslim refugee from the Bosnian War. The cycle of awakenings sparked by these two relationships challenge and open Roxana in ways she never imagined.

A coming-of-age like no other, from a magnetic new voice in fiction, Open Me is a daringly original and darkly compelling portrait of a young woman discovering her power, her sex, and her voice; and a propulsive exploration of estrangement and what it means to belong.


Praise for Open Me

One of The Millions' Most Anticipated Books of the Year
An Best Book to Read This Summer
A Village Voice Great Debut Novel of Summer
A Library Journal Power Debut Novel" (August Fiction Preview)
A Palm Beach Post Sizzling Summer Read

"Imbued with sex and politics, Locascio's debut novel casts the traditional bildungsroman into a darker, more feminine light... Locascio centers the female body exquisitely. A debut exploring how we open up to others - and, more importantly, ourselves." - Kirkus Reviews

"Summer is for sexiness, so yield to this coming-of-age novel about a teen whose erotic awakening in Copenhagen circles around two men: an older local and a refugee from the Balkan War." - Elle

"Asurprising, bodily coming-of-age story at the intersection of one young American woman's sexual awakening and the tense political environment in which she finds herself." - Literary Hub

Author Bio

Lisa Locascio's work has been published in The Believer, Salon, n+1, Bookforum, Tin House, American Short Fiction, The Los Angeles Review of Books and elsewhere. She is co-publisher of Joyland and editor of 7x7LA. Open Me is her first novel.