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A Life to Kill (Coroner #7) Cover

Paperback: 464 pages
ISBN-13: 9780330530095
Price: $18.99

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A Life to Kill (Coroner #7)

The seventh gripping installment in Matthew Hall's twice CWA Gold Dagger-nominated series - now a CBC Television Original Drama, Coroner, starring Serinda Swan, Roger Cross, and Ehren Kassam.

The day they've all been waiting for is at hand. The last British combat soldiers in the Helmand province of Afghanistan are counting the minutes until their departure home to Highcliffe: a small town in the south of England. For their families, it spells the end of an agonizing six month wait.

But in the final hours, disaster strikes. Nineteen-year-old Private Pete 'Skippy' Lyons is taken hostage in the night and the patrol sent out to locate him is ambushed. One killed, two injured. And one still missing in action.

Their loved ones are left desperate for answers the Army is reluctant to provide. How was Private Lyons abducted from a heavily fortified command post? And why are officers trying to disguise what happened during the mission to save him?

Their only hope lies with Coroner Jenny Cooper, who must take on the full might of the military to stop the truth being buried along with the boy soldiers. But in a town filled with secrets and rumours, it's not only the Army that has something to hide.

Author Bio

Matthew Hall (formerly M. R. Hall) is an award-winning screenwriter and former barrister. Educated at Hereford Cathedral School and Worcester College, he lives a stone's throw from the Welsh border in Herefordshire, England. He is married to journalist Patricia Carswell and they have two sons, Tom and Will. His other loves are beekeeping, boxing, trail running, and native woodlands.

A Life to Kill is the seventh novel in Matthew Hall's twice CWA Gold Dagger-nominated Coroner Jenny Cooper series.

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